Sunday, April 22, 2007

Disturbed by persecution of Azmi Bishara

Azmi Bishara, like all "Arab citizens" of Israel, is the victim of persecution and discrimination. He has the right to criticize, challenge and try to change the government in which he has worked. But the pressure and persecution that has forced him to resign from the Knesset proves that the Israeli Democracy is a failure and that Arab citizens are not citizens at all.

Here's the YnetNews story:,7340,L-3390826,00.html

It's tragic because there are extremists in Israel and Bishara's experience proves they exist and are a real threat to peace, just as there are extremists among Palestinians. Regardless of his political views, Bishara has every right to express hiw views without having to fear persecution in Israel.

It's a blow to peace and empowers the fanatics in Israel -- and among the Palestinians -- to push harder to destroy each other.

It makes it harder for those like me who support two-states, believe in the hope that is the foundation of the Palestinians and Israelis, to believe that two-states or any solution besides continued conflict is an option.

Ray Hanania

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