Sunday, July 05, 2009

Watching crisis in Honduras covered live not by Western media but by Aljazeera English

Ousted honduran President Manuel Zelaya is on a plane that will soon land in Honduras, where he was thrown out in his pajamas in a military coup. The "interim" government has engaged in the killing of civilians and undermining Democracy. The Interim Government has threatened to block the landing of Zelaya's plane.

It is fascinating that Aljazeera English is broadcasting the best coverage of the confrontation. I subscribe to Aljazeera English (and a dozen more Arab language Satellite channels) through a cable box system that is linked to the Internet through of Neulion Video. Very inexpensive and affordable and comprehensive.

I used to subscribe online to watch Aljazeera English and other stations off my computer but as much as I love the computer and the Internet, I prefer to watch the news on my 50 inch TV screen in my family room or in the office where I can concentrate on the news as it happens.

Check it out.

-- Ray Hanania

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