Saturday, June 23, 2012

Best Buy stores are a scam: The Rewards Cards shuffle

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Best Buy is the Worst Buy. They're dishonest. Most people don't care. We buy things, spend money, get junk and when they break, we just move on. That's what society has taught us over the years. When someone gives you garbage, just accept it and move on. That's the American Way.

I've been buying technology products from Best Buy for many years. I have spent a lot there. I had a Rewards Card with them and every time I make a purchase, they ask me for the card, but I don't have it. So they look it up using my telephone number on their system. The cashier tells me she found it and then the sale goes through.

I figured I got my credit for the purchase on my Rewards Card.

But that's not the case.

Turns out when they ask you if you have a Rewards Card and enter it into the system, they are not really entering it at all. It's just a scam to get your information in to their system so they can send you sales pitches for junk that has to be pushed. Good merchandise sells itself. Junk needs the Best Buy push.

All these years of entering my Rewards information at the register and I finally went online and discovered none of it has been entered at all. But I have been getting their junk mailings, spam emails and harassment at the register everytime I buy something.

When I finally complained to someone at the store, he confessed. It's all a scam, he acknowledged. They just want your contact information. The real system works this way. 

You buy something at Best Buy. They list your Rewards Card number on the sale. They want you to leave the store thinking you got a "reward" when in fact you really didn't.

The clerk explained it to me this way. "If you don't go home and log into the Best Buy web site ( and enter the information from your receipt, your purchase doesn't count towards the reward at all," he said.

Wow. What a scam?

Every time I make a purchase, I am supposed to go home and log into my Reward Zone membership online to give them traffic and put up with all kinds of online push sales pitches. New Windows pop up. The web site is confusing to use. They are hoping that if 5 percent of the people who waste their time doing all this will actually end up buying something online, they've achieved their goal.

So the next time you are in Best Buy, tell those assholes to shove it up their asses.

Fortunately, we have alternatives in Orland Park. Wal-Mart's technology section is phenomenal. And there is also CompUSA nearby.

Unlike Best Buy, which is the Worst Buy, they don't lie.

-- Ray Hanania

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Shannon Atwood said...

If an employee said that to you they were just paternizing you, we do it all the time where I work if we can't get the customer to understand. I have a rewards card from there and I hardly ever shop their because the nearest store is an hour away but when I do purchase something there I get pretty decent rewards. So if you can't figure it out your an idiot. Also don't tell the employees to shove it up there asses, they didn't create the rules, if you have a problem with it complain to corporate