Sunday, July 15, 2012

Radio Chicagoland: Penn State, Olympic uniforms, Jesse Jackson and Syrian support of al-Qeada

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Topics on Radio Chicagoland this morning:
Radio Chicagoland: Penn State, Olympic uniforms, Jesse Jackson and Syrian support of al-Qeada
Joe Paterno "Joe Pa" is a disgrace. He knew what convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky was doing. He and others at Penn State were aware of the misconduct and they tolerated it or turned away their eyes for more than a decade. Ten years of child abuse by a retired coach with full access to the sports facilities and the protection of Paterno and the Penn State administration.
People say the students at the University will suffer if further punishment is meted out to the administration. But the truth is that punishment is necessary. More officials there should be charged and punished.
The real offenders, though, without doubt, are the sports media, the journalists who also knew about Sandusky but have remained silent. The sports media is complicit, just as they were complicit in the infidelity of golf great Tiger Woods. They all put money ahead of morality. Personal gain ahead of principle.
The students may be punished for Sandusky's crimes and the silent acquiescence of the administration. But it is very likely that many teachers knew too. And I'll even bet students who attended and played in sports there knew also. And the journalists knew. If the students suffer, they shouldn't blame justice. They should blame Paterno and Sandusky and the shameful Penn State administration.
OLYMPIC UNIFORMS have taken center stage as our athletes prepare for the Summer Games in London. Turns out the odd looking uniforms they will wear were mad in China. That is a bad thing. It sends the wrong message of twisted patriotism. China is a nation is civil rights abuses. The oppression of dissidents and free speech. The exploitation of children. And, the production of thousands of products that are tainted with lead, that are sold to American children.
The uniforms are not the only products made in China. Much of the media broadcast equipment that will be used to cover the Olympics were made in China. Clothing that many of the journalists will wear in covering the Olympics will be made in China. The means by which the story was reported, in part, are made in China.
The "made in China" disgrace should not be limited to one offense of patriotic egotism. It should instead be a protest of principle. Either end the importing of cheap and sometimes dangerous Chinese products into the United States, or shut up about the Olympics. It's more hypocritical to knowingly shut your eyes to hypocrisy and Chinese abuses while embracing the phony moral high ground in criticizing the Olympic uniforms.
The disgrace didn't start with the Olympics and won't end there, either.
Let's address the hypocrisy in the American Baseball industry, and the fact that official "American" baseballs are made in China.
Pathetic morality. Weak principle. Hypocrisy made in America.
CONGRESSMAN JESSE JACKSON JR., is a good person and a good leader. But it sure was strange to hear his mother speak on his personal crisis. She's been silent in the face of so much hypocrisy in the Jacosn family.
Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., is the one family member who could, for many years, hold his head high. Despite the charges filed against his fundraiser. Rughuveer Nayak, who reportedly was a go-between to raise $1 million for disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to make Jackson a US Senator, filling the vacancy in the Senate seat formerly held by President Barack Obama, there are no charges against the congressman.
We can speculate all we want.
But it might have been nice to hear his mother speak about her husband's problems, or the egos of her other sons.
Her comments about Congressman Jackson were inappropriate and strange.
AL-QAEDA IN SYRIA. There is no doubt now that the government of Bashar all-Assad was complicit in assisting al-Qaeda attacks in Iraq not only against Iraqis but also against American soldiers. If Americans are not outraged by the war crimes being committed by Assad's security forces and military in the murder of thousands of civilians and children in Syria, they should be enraged by the evidence that Assad provided aid to al-Qaeda to satisfy Syria's anti-American agenda, and agenda shared by the tyrants in Tehran, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

We invaded Afghanistan to avenge the al-Qaeda terrorism against the World Trade Center's Twin Towers. We attacked Iraq to avenge the selfish politics of former President George W. Bush and his Vice President, the original evil-doer himself, Dick Cheney.
We should immediately invade Syria and avenge the hundreds and maybe thousands of American soldiers who died in Iraq because of the support Syria's dictator Assad provided to al-Qaeda.

But will we and is our fight against al-Qaeda pure or driven by selfish politics?

--- Ray Hanania

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