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Chronology of controversy and lies against ADC

Chronology of controversy and lies against ADC

The extremist critics of ADC use the Big Lie to pressure moderates and good people out of leadership in the American Arab community. The controversy at ADC is a reflection of this continued strategy by the fanatics.

Here is a chronology of the attacks and vicious lies, and the sequence of events, to help you understand the real motives in the assault against ADC.

ADC Chronology of Controversy


ADC Founded


Rashida Tlaib says she was sexually harassed by Imad Hamad, but says nothing to anyone until 15 years later.


Sexual harassment complaints were filed by eight women against Imad Hamad. ADC conducts an internal investigation. Imad Hamad was required to take a sexual harassment course.


Jan. 10 
Rana Abbas, who was deputy director under Imad Hamad, leaves ADC Michigan after joining it in 2000, later claiming she was one of the women sexually harassed by Hamad in 2007.


June 1
Chicago ADC Board member Ray Hanania is nominated by the Chicago ADC Chapter to serve as the official representative on the ADC National Board.

June 4-6
ADC National Convention

June 5
Two extremists confront Ray Hanania at the ADC asking if his wife is really Jewish and threatening to protest his appointment to the national board because of his opinion that the Palestinian Right of Return should be compromised as a par of a final peace with Israel.

June 23
Will Youmans, Ikhras and KabobFest call for Hanania’s resignation. Hanania alleges the fanatics oppose his moderation and support of peace with Israel.


May 5
Critics accuse ADC National of seeking to censor Malek Jandali and prevent him from performing a song he wrote in 2011 “Watani Ana” that some considered critical of the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad

June 1
Ray Hanania nominates Warren David, the longtime publisher of "Arab Detroit," as National ADC Board Chairman

June 9-12
ADC National Convention

June 9
ADC issues statement to clarify Jandali controversy. Read statement.

June 10
Ray Hanania declines reappointment to the ADC Board, citing the costs of travel to and from Washington DC, and the manner in which the board makes decisions.

June 10
The Arab American Institute and Jim Zogby issue a statement denouncing ADC for allegedly censoring Jandali “The silencing of Mr. Jandali has unfairly harmed and cast a pall on the hard work done by ADC's staff to make this convention a success. It also hurts ADC’s members who look to this organization for leadership as the country’s largest Arab American civil rights organization.” Read AAI attack on ADC.

June 11
Trying to stem the public criticism, ADC plays a recording of Malek Jandali’s song at the convention. Jandali filed a copyright violation lawsuit claiming the song was played without his permission.

June 27
Extremist activists Hoda Mitwally and Yaman Salahi publish a vicious attack in Aljazeera English libeling ADC, Safa Rifka and Ray Hanania, and complaining of Hanania’s criticism “against Palestinian solidarity activists.” Read their attack column.

July 1
Warren David is officially named National President of ADC. His salary is reportedly over $100,000. His appointment was approved by the board in June.


April 12
ADC issues apology to Malek Jandali for playing his song without his permission and reportedly pays Jandali’s legal bills.

June 21-24
ADC National Convention


May 31
Rashida Tlaib, based in Greater Detroit, sends letter to ADC’s National President, Warren David, claiming she and other women were sexually harassed by Imad Hamad -- she in 1997 and the others in 2007 demanding that action be taken. The delay in making the claims leads many to believe the attacks against Hamad are driven by politics. Click to read letter.

Oct. 3
ADC publishes a press releases claiming they investigated and responded to the sexual harassment charges. Read release.

Oct. 18
ADC Communications Director Raed Jarrar is fired by ADC. Read Alarabiya Story.

Oct. 21
Several Female staff members of ADC's national office go on strike in protest of what they believe is the failure of ADC to act on the sexual harassment charges and in response to Jarrar's dismissal.

Oct. 23
The Female staff members quit ADC.

Oct. 29
Will Youmans, Warren David’s nephew, and Khaled A. Beydoun, publish a vicious attack against ADC and Safa Rifka in alJazeera. (Youmans is the nephew of David’s wife Amal.) Read the column.

Nov. 17
Extremist activists at George Washington University protest at an ADC hosted Women’s Initiative Concert at Lisner Auditorium that featured the 2013 Arab Idol winners, denouncing ADC.

Nov. 22
Imad Hamad resigns from ADC. Read Detroit Free Press article.

Nov. 23
Fatina Abdrabboh, 32, a Dearborn attorney is named as Hamad’s successor.

Nov. 25
ADC president Warren David is fired by ADC National Board Chairma Safa Rifka. ADC spokesman says David failed to represent the official policies of ADC.

Dec. 4
ADC National names attorney Samer Khalaf as Warren David’s successor.

Dec. 9
The Arab Daily News reports that Safa Rifka will be the keynote speaker at ADC Michigan’s annual fundraiser to be held Dec. 13, angering anti-ADC activists. Anti-ADC activists announce they will protest at the banquet.

Dec. 10
ADC Michigan announces it is canceling its annual Fundraiser set for Dec. 13 in Dearborn. Read article in Detroit Free Press.

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